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FAQ to our German exams

German as a Foreign Language (DaF) Exams

We prepare you for the following exams:


DSH stands for "Deutsche Sprachprüfung für den Hochschulzugang ausländischer Studienbewerber" (German language exam for foreign students applying to a German university).

Freie Universität Berlin (FU), Humboldt Universität Zu Berlin (HU), Technische Universität Berlin (Technical University of Berlin - TUB), Universität Der Künste Berlin (Berlin University of the Arts - UDK), Universität Potsdam (University of Potsdam), German Language Proficiency Exam; only for foreign students applying to a German university!

Test DaF

German as a Foreign Language Test
All areas of study for prospective University students.

What exams can I sit?

At the end of the courses Elementary 2 (B1), Intermediate 1 (B2), Intermediate 2 (C1) and Advanced (C2), you will be ready to sit the exam here at the Akademie for the corresponding language certificate. With a certificate for Intermediate 1 you can apply for a Foundation Course, and with the certificate for Intermediate 2 you can apply to study at a German university.

Our exams are always held on the last Thursday and Friday of the month.

You can obtain a professional certificate of further education at any point, which details your course of study and level of ability.

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Prices and dates for the exams




Fixed Dates

Other Dates

Elementary 2 / B1

€ 70

€ 50

The Tuesday and Wednesday before last of every month

On Request

Intermediate 1 / B2

€ 80

€ 60

Last Tuesday and Wednesday of every month

On Request

Intermediate 2 / C1

€ 80

€ 60

Last Tuesday and Wednesday of every month

On Request

Advanced / C2

€ 130

€ 110

On Request


* Please bring a valid ID card or passport to the exam.  Before registering for an exam, we recommend taking a free test to determine entry level.
** For students of the Akademie.

Do I have to sit any exams?

No. The exams are optional. You can even upgrade to the next level of course difficulty without sitting an exam, and obtain a professional certificate of further education as proof of your level of knowledge.

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How will my course prepare me for the university language exams?


The courses Elementary 1 and 2 provide you with basic knowledge of the German language. Students are taught to express themselves in everyday situations and to work with simple texts. This also includes learning core vocabulary and mastering basic grammatical structures.


The courses Intermediate 1 and 2 specifically prepare you for the university language exams. The focus is on textual work, composing written texts, and clear written and oral expression. Grammar is also revised in depth in various ways, with work on linguistic structures.


The Advanced course prepares you for exams at the level of the Kleines Deutsches Sprachdiplom of the Ludwig Maximilian University of Munich and of the Goethe Institute. It is also suited to university applicants who must obtain level TDN 5 in the TestDaF (German as a Foreign Language) or, as the case may be, level DSH-3 in the Deutsche Sprachprüfung für den Hochschulgang, the German Language University Entrance Test, in which 82% of criteria must be fulfilled.

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